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Cork Stories : Chapter 1 ~ Cellers Scala Dei

Cork Stories : Chapter 1 ~ Cellers Scala Dei


Original watercolor artwork by Back That Glass Up

Cellers Scala Dei was the first winery my friends and I went to while visiting Priorat in Spain. After a wonderful 4 course meal of traditional Catalan foods we ventured to the monastery next to Cellers Scala Dei before visiting the tasting room and learning all about the Priorat region and the winery's history. 

The vines have been able to survive for centuries because of the undisputed quality of the grapes from vineyards that are 50 years old on average. There are almost 150 acres of grenache and carignan divided into 42 different farms with vineyards located between 400 and 800 meters above sea level, which is amongst the higher altitude vineyards of Priorat. 

Priorat is known for its unique characteristics to the soil which is comprised of the base called 'llicorella' in Catalán. Llicorella is a black slate with small particles of 'mica' that reflect the sunglight and conserve heat. Surprisingly, llicorella looks like rock, but is easy to crumble with just your fingertips.

Cork Stories is a new series of original artwork painted using watercolors by Back That Glass Up. Bottles of wine usually come with stories to tell or memories made, which is why I love saving the corks.

My collection of corks has grown immensely over the years and some are from my most treasured souvenirs from wine tasting around the world. Stay tuned for more Cork Stories by Back That Glass Up.



Cork Stories : Chapter 2 ~ Tank Winery

Cork Stories : Chapter 2 ~ Tank Winery