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Cork Stories : Chapter 2 ~ Tank Winery

Cork Stories : Chapter 2 ~ Tank Winery


Original watercolor artwork by Back That Glass Up

As a huge design nerd, I love it when I come across a wine with badass design. That's what happened when I saw Tank Winery's labels. Rarely does a winery have cool labels AND excellent tasting wines. Every party or hangout I've brought their wines to, there's at least one person who wants to take the bottle home to save after we drink it because the labels are just that cool. 

Tank Winery is located in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga, California in a restored 1930s vintage gas station... a place I have yet to visit! Each of their uniquely-crafted wines draw heavily upon the owners' personal lifestyles and experiences. I love their philosophy and the spirit that goes into their winemaking: "Belief in the notion that ideas and influences continually surround us, tease us, and tempt us is at the heart of Tank Garage Winery. Whether you're facing the new and the unknown, or celebrating the past, just hold on and embrace it. And above all... Never Dream Alone."

I'll cheers to that. 

Cork Stories is a new series of original artwork painted using watercolors by Back That Glass Up. Bottles of wine usually come with stories to tell or memories made, which is why I love saving the corks.

My collection of corks has grown immensely over the years and some are from my most treasured souvenirs from wine tasting around the world. Stay tuned for more Cork Stories by Back That Glass Up.


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