Vine district

As a Southern California native, I’ve always loved Malibu with the endless ocean view, sea air, and the sounds of the waves. If you’ve been to Malibu, you know that not only do you get some of the best SoCal beaches, but also incredible wineries that provide some of the best views while drinking wine. 

Jason Melvin, one of the founding members of Vine District describes The Wine of Malibu, California best in this article. Vine District features boutique Californian wines on a site that is so easy to navigate and buy wine that you may end up buying more than you intended! The wine team at Vine District hand picks varietals from some of California’s most respected and established vineyards that gets delivered straight to your door in packaging that is made of 100% eco-friendly materials. Hot damn!!

Use the code: BACKTHAT20 to get 20% off your first purchase of delicious Californian wines.  

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