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Champagne & Sparkling Wine


Iron horse 'fairy tale celebration cuvée' brut

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Sonoma
Tasting Notes: Dry, ripe apples and citrus with a toasty finish.
More info: This is a special Disney bubbly produced exclusively for the resorts, theme parks and cruise ships. It's also available for purchase in their online shop.

Bottle: $69.00
Glass: $16.00

Red Wine


beaulieu vineyard cabernet sauvignon

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Napa Valley
Tasting Notes: Aromas and flavors or ripe apples and citrus with hints of spice. 
More info: Beaulieu Vineyard is a vineyard near Rutherford, California, belonging to the appellation Rutherford AVA. It was established by Georges de Latour and his wife Fernande in 1900.

Glass: $11.00



BERINGER white zinfandel

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Napa Valley
Tasting Notes: Red berry, citrus and melon aromas and flavors, rounded out with subtle hints of nutmeg and clove.
More Info: Beringer Vineyards is the oldest continually operating winery in California, and one of the most decorated. Since 1875, they have blazed a trail in winemaking, balancing modern technology with time-tested winemaking methods.

Glass: $8.00

White Wine


William hill chardonnay

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: North Coast
Tasting Notes: Complex layers of fruit, including hint of ripe apple, pear, robust tropical notes and a touch of juicy lemon all blend seamlessly with hints of coconut and baking spice, then finish with caramel and toasted oak for a rich expression of Napa Valley Chardonnay.
More Info: Founded in 1976 by visionary vineyard developer William Hill. William Hill Estate rests on the gently rolling hills of the Silverado Bench at the foot of the ancient Vaca Mountains, rising from the Valley floor in Southern Napa.

Glass: $9.00



Samuel adams boston lager (16oz draft)

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Boston
Tasting Notes: Full-flavored brew with a robust and rich taste. Samuel Adams only uses the finest hand-selected ingredients to create this perfectly balanced and complex original brew.
More Info: Samuel Adams is the flagship brand of the Boston Beer Company. The brand name (often shortened to Sam Adams) was chosen in honor of Founding Father Samuel Adams. Adams inherited his father's brewery on King Street (modern day State Street). Some histories say he was a brewer, while others describe him as a maltster.

Serving: $8.25


bud light lager (16oz aluminum bottle)

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: USA
Tasting Notes: Golden color, premium hop aroma with light and refreshing flavors.

Serving: $7.00



angry orchard crisp apple hard cider (16oz can)

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Hudson Valley
Tasting Notes: Bright, crisp apple flavor, just like biting into a fresh apple. It is a perfect balance of sweetness and bright acidity from culinary apples and dryness of traditional cider making apples, resulting in a complex, yet refreshing, hard cider.
More Info: The Hudson Valley also has a long cider making tradition. Before prohibition, cider apple orchards were common to find in the region. Cider has been made here for more than 200 years. Like many of the orchards in the area, their orchard has a long history. It has been a farm since the 1700s and the first apple trees were planted here around 100 years ago. The Crist Family took ownership of this orchard in 1963 and as leaders in the apple growing industry, grew both culinary and cider apples.

Serving: $8.25

Specialty Cocktails


mimosa with iron horse 'fairy tale celebration cuvée' with orange juice

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Iron Horse 'Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvée' is an exclusive to Disney bubbly that's dry with flavors of ripe apples and citrus with a toasty finish. Great for pairing with orange juice for a delicious mimosa!

Serving: $10.00