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Regular Wine



Serving: $6.10


Chardonnay (white)

Serving: $6.10


cabernet sauvignon (red)

Serving: $6.10

Regional Wine


Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Villages

Region: France
Tasting Notes: An intense, brilliant cherry colour with purplish tints. Complex nose with red and black berry aromas.
More info: The story begins over 4 centuries ago, when the Duboeuf family was producing wine in the Mâconnais region. Georges was very young when his uncle and brother passed down both their passion for wine and their secrets of production. At just 18 years old, he preferred to take care of the family business with his brother rather than pursuing his studies.

Serving: $6.90


vouvray sauvion

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Loire Valley, France
Tasting Notes: The nose features notes of honeysuckle and ripe citrus fruit. On the palate, the wine is off-dry and medium bodied with food-friendly acidity. Flavors of honey and dried fruit lead to along finish.
More info: The wine is a culture, made from a cultivated “Terroir”. With this term “Haute Culture” (High Culture), the Sauvion Family nominate the best Cuvées, made from the grapes grown on the best “Terroir” and from old vines, the grapes are vinified with passion and great care. It is the very “Essence” of Muscadet.

Serving: $7.04



Region: Côtes de Provence, France
Tasting Notes: Rosé wines from Côtes de Provence are typically expressive, with a good aromatic potential, freshness and alcoholic richness. The wines offer aromas of citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemons), exotic fruit (passion fruit, mango), slightly sharp notes of red fruit (redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and cherries) and some floral notes (white flowers, hawthorn, fennel); a slight minerality can be detected in wines from the driest terroirs (filtration). For some wines matured in wooden barrels, the aromatic bouquet is completed with notes of vanilla, dried fruit and spices.

Serving: $7.04

Premium Wine


Côtes du Rhône J.L.Colombo

Region: Rhône, France
Tasting Notes: Aromas of red fruit, leather and spice. The palate is complex, with flavors of licorice and spice and silky tannins.
More info: Colombo has not limited his magical sphere of influence to Cornas. The company now embraces 27 wines representing major appellations of the Rhône Valley as well as the Languedoc and Roussillon regions of southern France. Most recently, Colombo has returned to his roots for his latest winemaking venture in the Côte Bleue district near Marseilles.

Serving: $8.22


Château La Chataignière Bordeaux

Region: France
Tasting Notes: Deep ruby red color. Intense and complex on the nose with pleasant tannins and red fruit on the palate.
More Info: The Bordeaux Rouge is produced from the blend of three traditional Bordeaux grape varieties: black merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. The proportions are usually 70% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc.But these can vary significantly depending on the vintage.

Serving: $8.22


georges duboeuf Pouilly-Fuissé

Region: France
Tasting Notes: full-bodied and hearty with powerful white blossom and almond aromas and dried fruit flavours with a subtle hint of figs.
More info: Pouilly is a little winegrowing hamlet attached to Solutré. Fuissé is a picturesque, prosperous village, typically Burgundian. Much sought-after by connoisseurs from the five continents, approximately 75% of Pouilly-Fuissé’s production is sent straight to the export markets. In its best expression, it is the quintessence of Chardonnay, a great white Burgundy, full of finesse.

Serving: $10.10



Nicolas Feuillate champagne

Region: France
Tasting Notes: Fresh white fruit aromas of apple, pear and peach intermingle with curry and turmeric spices. As the bouquet becomes more expressive, ripe fruit notes jostle for position. Clean on the attack, elegant and complex, a delicate bead imparts freshness on the finish.
More Info: Quintessential Nicolas Feuillatte style. A delicate, structured and fruity Champagne, offering boundless elegance and finesse.

Serving: $12.68

Specialty Cocktails & Slushes


kir royale

Tasting Notes: Champagne and Blackberry Liquor

Serving: $13.62



Tasting Notes: Grand Marnier, Rum and Grey Goose Orange and Orange Juice

Serving: $9.86


citron slush

Tasting Notes: Grey Goose Citron, Vodka and Lemonade

Serving: $9.86


le geant slush

Tasting Notes: with a Grand Marnier or Grey Goose Citron Shot

Serving: $15.96




Kronenbourg 1644

Crafted In: France
Tasting Notes: A lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste, golden hues and delicate bitterness from Strisselspalt, a French aroma hop from Alsace.
More Info: Kronenbourg Brewery is a brewery founded in 1664 by Geronimus Hatt in the Free Imperial City of Straßburg.The name comes from the area where the brewery relocated in 1850. 

Serving: $6.57