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Disney Family of Wines: Red Wines


Kurt Russell Gogi "Birdie" Pinot Noir

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Sta. Rita Hills, California
Tasting Notes: Light bodied with aromas of strawberry and cherries.
More Info: Kurt Russell names each vintage of his Pinot Noir after a different family member. This 2014 is called “Birdie,” named after his step-daughter, Kate Hudson.

Bottle: $116.00
Glass: $24.00


Lasseter Family Winery Paysage

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Sonoma Valley
Tasting Notes (from Disney): Luscious Saint-Émilion style red blend with aromas and flavors of cherries, black raspberry, and chocolate balanced with spice and cedar notes.
Additional Tasting Notes:  With Merlot as the lead variety, this wine is soft and approachable, its savory, ripe plum flavors enhanced by 18 months of European oak aging. Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec give this composition full-bodied complexity that pairs artfully with food.

Bottle: $89.00


Silverado Cabernet Sauvignon

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Napa Valley, California
Tasting Notes: Floral notes of violet, raspberries, and dried herbs on the nose. Seamless in structure with hints of white pepper, earth and a touch of vanilla.
More Info: The winery’s name, Silverado, comes from the abandoned mining town at the top of the Napa Valley, where Stevenson stayed so many years ago. It is an appropriate symbol: three generations of the Miller family are still “prospecting” for wine, staying true to the idea of coaxing something precious from the soils we are privileged to care for.

Bottle: $79.00
Glass: $19.00

Disney Family of Wines: White Wines


Fess Parker Chardonnay

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Santa Barbara County, California
Tasting Notes: Typical apple and pear aromas with notes of orange blossom and vanilla mingle well with hints of oak.
More Info: When Fess Parker purchased the 714 acre Foxen Canyon Ranch in 1988 his plan was to run cattle, plant a few acres of vineyard and perhaps someday, establish a small winery. His dream was to start a family business that he could pass on to future generations.

Bottle: $39.00
Glass: $9.00


Kurt Russell Gogi "Goldie" Chardonnay

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Santa Rita Hills, California
Tasting Notes: Luxurious nose of lemon, butter, brioche, white flowers and subtle vanilla
More info: Winery owner Kurt Russell named this Chardonnay after the love of his life, Goldie Hawn. Russell personally produces the wine alongside Peter and Rebecca Work of Ampelos Cellars in California's Santa Rita Hills, where they make award-winning wines from their triple-certified vineyard.

Bottle: $79.00
Glass: $19.00


MacMurray Ranch Pinot Gris

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Russian River Valley
Tasting Notes: Expressive fruit-forward character, exhibiting rich aromas of fig, white peach, and pear. Flavors of peach, spicy pear and citrus meld together in a rich core, developing a round mouth feel with complements its crisp, clean finish.
More info: MacMurray Estate Vineyards is deeply rooted in Sonoma County. Their namesake vineyard, MacMurray Ranch, has been a farmstead since the 1850s, farmed by the Porter family until actor Fred MacMurray bought the ranch in 1941. Fred embraced the rancher’s lifestyle, raising prize-winning cattle and farming crops here for decades, while his children rode horses through the hills. Fred’s daughter—the actress, screenwriter and activist Kate MacMurray—retains an indelible tie to the estate, helping us share the heritage of our namesake vineyard, historic property and celebrated wine.

Bottle: $49.00
Glass: $11.00

Disney Family of Wines: Rosé


Lasseter Family Winery Enjoué Rosé

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Region: Napa Valley, California
Tasting Notes: Notes of strawberry, ruby grapefruit and mango with a zesty acidity, supple texture and a long, lingering finish
More Info: The Lasseter Family Winery estate property in Sonoma Valley is rich in historical significance, encompassing organically farmed vineyards and an eco-friendly winery. Justi Creek Vineyards, part of the stunning 95-acre ranch on the outskirts of Glen Ellen, is comprised of three adjacent parcels of land, formerly parts of Rancho Vallejo and Rancho Los Guilicos.

Bottle: $52.00
Glass: $12.00



Ballast point sculpin

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: San Diego, California
Tasting Notes: India Pale Ale; Hints of bright apricot, peach, mango & lemon.
More Info: 7% ABV; They started out in 1996 as a small group of San Diego home brewers who simply wanted to make a better beer. In their exploration, they became obsessed with ingredients—tinkering, testing and tasting to find the perfect balance of taste and aroma. 

Bottle: $9.50


lagunitas pils

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Petaluma, California
Tasting Notes: Lagunitas Pils' only Unlimited Lager, brewed with loads of imported Saaz hops and a bottom-fermenting yeast strain that leaves it Light and Crisp and Easy to Slam, yet full of real flavor.
More Info: 6% ABV; Our only Unlimited Lager, brewed with loads of imported Saaz hops and a bottom-fermenting yeast strain that leaves it Light and Crisp and Easy to Slam, yet full of real flavor and all the things you yearn for.

Bottle: $7.50



Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: USA
Tasting Notes: With a full, fruity aroma and notes of spicy clove and banana bread, Kellerweis is a truly unique brew.
More Info: Inspired by traditional Bavarian techniques, Kellerweis is a true artisan experience. With Kellerweis, they brew in open fermentation tanks—a process rarely seen today—to let the ingredients truly shine. The result is a hazy wheat ale—untamed, raw and alive. 

Bottle: $8.50


karl strauss red trolley ale

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: San Diego, CA
Tasting Notes: Malted Ale; Brewed with a half ton of caramelized malts, this bold red ale is full of caramel and toffee flavors, hints of dried raisins and currants, and a slightly sweet finish.
More Info: 5.8% ABV; Red Trolley Ale sets the standard for Irish Red Ales. Each batch of this multi award-winning beer is brewed with a half-ton of caramelized malts for a deep copper color and toffee flavor. Sets the standard for Irish Red Ales

Bottle: $9.50


golden road 329 days of sun

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Los Angeles, California
Tasting Notes: Full-flavored and easy-drinking with a clean, crisp finish.
More Info: 4.8% ABV; In 2011, beer enthusiasts Meg Gill and Tony Yanow founded Golden Road Brewing to bring fresh beer to the local market in the most sustainable way possible. In 2015, they proudly partnered with Anheuser-Busch giving them the ability to continue to grow and bring their beers to more fans. 

Bottle: $8.50


bear republic racer 5 ipa

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Healdsburg, California
Tasting Notes: India Pale Ale; This hoppy IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with malted barley, wheat, and crystal malts. The malt base is designed to highlight the unique floral qualities Columbus and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest. 
More Info: 7.5% ABV; Racer 5 is one of America’s most medal winning IPAs. Enjoy this iconic, award winning IPA that helped define the West Coast style.

Bottle: $8.50


lost coast 8 ball stout

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Eureka, California
Tasting Notes: Pours very dark in color with a nice, roasted aroma. It is rich on the palate with robust roasted maltiness combining with an abundance of hops to produce a smooth, creamy stout.
More Info: 5.8% ABV; On August 20, 2014, they brewed their first batch of beer at their new facility just south of Eureka. (It was Great White, naturally.) Currently, they can bottle and can up to 1.2 million beers and fill 1,400 kegs a day. 

Bottle: $8.50


firestone walker double barrel ale (DBA)

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Paso Robles, California
Tasting Notes: British Pale Ale; Pale malts create a smooth middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee and toasted oak.
More Info: 5.0% ABV; DBA—a.k.a. Double Barrel Ale—is the trailblazing flagship beer that started it all for Firestone back in 1996. Partially fermented in their patented Firestone Union oak-­‐barrel brewing system, DBA quickly took the Central Coast by storm and set the pace for future beers to come. Today, DBA is regarded as a California classic, and stands as an iconic tribute to traditional cask-­‐fermented English ales.  

Bottle: $8.50



Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Fort Bragg, California
Tasting Notes: Belgian Style Golden Ale; A floral nose with a full fruity flavor, and a clean finish.
More Info: 7.6% ABV; A pioneer in the Craft Beer movement, North Coast Brewing Company opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on California’s Mendocino Coast. Under the leadership of President & Co-Founder Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 110 awards in national and international competitions.

Bottle: $9.50


red seal ale

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: USA
Tasting Notes: American Pale Ale; Malt and hops are beautifully married in this full-bodied, copper-red Pale Ale. Red Seal is generously hopped for a long, spicy finish
More Info: 5.4% ABV; A pioneer in the Craft Beer movement, North Coast Brewing Company opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on California’s Mendocino Coast. Under the leadership of President & Co-Founder Mark Ruedrich, the brewery has developed a strong reputation for quality having won more than 110 awards in national and international competitions.  

Bottle: $8.50


ritual hop-o-matic (22 oz)

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Redlands, California
Tasting Notes: A herbaceously spicy, pungent, and dank brew. This fragrant beer imparts an initial blast of bitterness that gives way to sweet, toasty malts and a zesty citrus profile, then takes it up ten notches with a complex mélange of hops.
More Info: 7.1% ABV; The logo’s star is based on the brewer’s star which was the common symbol for a brewery dating back to centuries ago when much of the population could not read. Later in history, a single red star was sewn on California’s first state flag and remains there today as a symbol of independence.  Ritual celebrates the fact that it is an independent California brewery.

Bottle: $17.00


the bruery terreux saison rue

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Crafted In: Orange County, California
Tasting Notes: Unfiltered, bottle conditioned, Belgian/French-style farmhouse ale. This is a beer of subtlety and complexity, with malted rye, spicy, fruity yeast notes, biscuit-like malt backbone and a slight citrus hop character.
More Info: 8.5% ABV; Bruery Terreux® is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales.  Bruery Terreux is rustic, traditional, familial, yet innovative and independent in spirit. Founded on an exciting revitalization of age-old traditions blended with current culture and newly forging practices, Bruery Terreux tells the story of wildly traditional bière™.

Bottle: $19.00

Classic Cocktails


Carthay Martini

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Classically prepared with Hendrick’s Gin or Double Cross Vodka, Lillet Blanc Dry Vermouth, and Gourmet Blue Cheese-Truffle Olives served with an Ice Sphere

Serving: $16.00


Ernest's Daiquiri

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Bacardi Superior Rum, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, fresh Lime and Grapefruit Juice, and Organic Agave Nectar, served up

Serving: $14.25


Carthay Manhattan

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Bulleit Rye Small Batch American Whiskey, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters served with an Ice Sphere

Serving: $16.50


The derby

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Bulleit Bourbon, fresh Grapefruit Juice, and Honey, served up

Serving: $13.50


carthay club mojito

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Bacardi Superior Rum, Organic Mint from nearby farms, fresh Lime Juice, and Organic Agave Nectar topped with locally sourced Purified Sparkling Water

Serving: $14.00


pimm’s punch

Available: Lunch & Dinner
Tasting Notes: Pimm’s No. 1 Liqueur, Plymouth Gin, Strawberry, and Lemonade

Serving: $15.00

After Dinner Drinks & Dessert Wines



Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Brandy, Dark Crème de Cacao, Cream, and Nutmeg chilled and served up

Serving: $12.25


irish coffee

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Jameson Irish Whiskey, hot Coffee and two Sugar Cubes topped with frothy Cream

Serving: $12.50



Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Baileys Irish Cream, Tuaca, and a splash of hot Coffee served in a snifter glass with a stick of Cinnamon

Serving: $12.50


B-52 Coffee

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Grand Marnier, Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream, and hot Coffee topped with fresh House-made Whipped Cream

Serving: $13.50


Hennessy, XO

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: A blend of 100 eaux-de-vie, its deep amber color is a sign of its intensity. At once rich and robust, it constantly reveals layers of flavors with distinctive persistence on the palate.
More Info: Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, Hennessy X.O was the first Cognac classified as X.O, or “extra old”, because of its extended aging process.

2 oz Pour: $32.00


Rémy Martin, XO

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Aromas of late summer fruit, combined with rich floral notes of white flowers such as jasmine. The perfect expression of Fine Champagne opulence on the palate with mature flavors of juicy plums and candied oranges, with a hint of hazelnuts and cinnamon. Velvety, rich, and lingering.
More Info: 1724 marked the beginning of Rémy Martin, the only major cognac house to have been founded by a winegrower. Fifty years ago, Rémy Martin created the first ever winegrowing cooperative in the Cognac region, the Alliance Fine Champagne. Today, nine-hundred Grande and Petite Champagne growers provide Rémy Martin with a selection of unique eaux-de-vie in an equitable partnership.

2 oz Pour: $32.00


Delamain Pale & Dry, XO

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Its bouquet is characterised by the powerfulness and length of the intensely floral aromas, backed by distinctive vanilla. It’s mellow roundness on the palate blossoms into a full-bodied fruitiness, with a slight, harmonious hint of licorice.
More Info: The family-run house of Delamain is one of the oldest Cognac producers, founded in 1762. The company is rare in that it produces no VS or VSOP Cognac, and also chooses to reduce bottle strengths down to 40% abv with 'faibles' (old, low-strength Cognacs) rather than with water.

2 oz Pour: $38.00


Castarède, VSOP 10 Year Old

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Sweet sherry aromas with a hint of apricot jam. Notes of persimmons, vanilla, caramel, and a touch of oak.
More Info: Founded in 1832, Castarède is the oldest French Armagnac trading House. This year, they turned 184 years old. The Castarède Family has been managing and developing this activity since 6 generations. Today, Florence Castarède runs the company. It owns one of the most important collections of Armagnac vintages, the oldest one dating from 1893.

2 oz Pour: $18.00


Château du Tariquet, XO

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Aromas of freshly baked bread, toast and underlying candied fruit. Fresh and well-rounded on the palate, revealing a subtle union of vanilla oak and fruit. Good length, with the aromas of dried fruit and toast on the finish.
More Info: This summer the Grassa family celebrated 100 years of their family's ownership of this Gascon property, transformed over five generations from a small producer of Armagnac to France's largest independent viticultural estate.

2 oz Pour: $16.50


M. Chapoutier, Banyuls

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Powerful balance between black fruits and stewed fruits subtly brought by cocoa aromas. Sumptuous balance between the solar strength of the wine and the fineness of its tannins.
More Info: Spread out on narrow and steep terraces, the Banyuls Appellation overhangs the Mediterranean sea. More than two thousand years old, the vineyard is rooted in a stony schist soil and benefits from exceptional atmospheric conditions. Moreover, the rare stormy showers which water this exceptional land, still hand worked, are quickly evacuated by an unique and efficient system. It is only after the fortification, a technique devised in 1285 by Arnau de Vilanova, which stops the fermentation, that the Banyuls wines get their Appellation and their seal of approval.

Glass: $11.00


Pacific Rim, Framboise

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Like drinking liquid raspberries. The taste experience is intense with fresh floral aromas and bright red fruit flavors.
More Info: The raspberries for their Framboise are from bucolic Mount Vernon, Washington. With majestic Mount Baker in the distance, their raspberries are sourced for Pacific Rim from Mike and Jean's Berry Farm. The clone, or variety, of the raspberry is grown exclusively for Pacific Rim Framboise — called the Morrison variety, the raspberry is exceptional due to its low bitterness and abundant flavors.

Glass: $9.50


Michele Chiarlo Nivole, Moscato d'Asti

Available: Dinner Only
Tasting Notes: Floral, typical aromas of Moscato, with notes of fish and apricot. Creamy, fragrant, with a pleasant fine bubble and a finish which is particularly fresh.
More Info: Since 1956, Michele Chiarlo has been vinifying the essence of Piedmont, loving and developing the most incredible wine region in the world. They grow 110 hectares of vineyards between Langhe, Monferrato and Gavi, the finest crus while fully respecting the ecological criteria, the terroir and their expression.

Glass: $8.50


Grahams, 20 year Tawny Port

Available: Dinner Only
Region: Portugal
Tasting Notes: Nutty character and delicious mature fruit; hints of orange peel mellowed by careful ageing. Rich, softly sweet and smooth with a long and elegant finish.
More Info: Graham's 20 Years Old Tawny is the result of the Master Blender's quest for the perfect balance between young and aged Port wines. This is a Port wine perfected over twenty years to delight those in pursuit of excellence.

Glass: $13.50


Dow's, 10 year Tawny Port

Available: Dinner Only
Region: Portugal
Tasting Notes: Subtle fruit with delicious velvety nutty flavors derived from the cask ageing.
More Info: Dow’s Fine Tawny is a three-year-old blend aged in small oak casks at our lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. The barrel ageing produces a smoother and lighter style of wine than the Dow’s Ruby which is aged primarily in large oak vats and tonels.

Glass: $12.00